Industrial Electric has adopted the philosophy that safety is not just a priority at our company, but it is the Core Value of all our operations. Industrial Electric is a self-performing contractor that understands that the commitment to a strict safety culture must be visible to all employees at the start of the design phase and carry over until the punch lists are complete. Industrial Electric has created a safe work environment for employees with more than just improving injury and incident rates in mind.

Industrial Electric has continued its commitment towards Safety at all job-site locations. Our company is proud to say that we began a new journey in developing an improved safety culture called Incident and Injury Free (IIF), and are still active in that journey. The IIF process is a safety culture initiative focused on improving the safety culture by caring for people; not simply caring about numbers. It helps each employee evaluate their own personal relationship with safety and learn how having care and concern for those who also work around you can improve your work life and safety performance on the job. The culture teaches employees how to speak up when people are at risk, and how you should react if someone speaks up when you may be at risk.

Industrial Electric’s solid focus on safety for employees and clients is the reason our company is among the industry leaders in safety.