Electrical Construction Services


Building Systems

Building systems and their respective subsystems, equipment, and components are an intricate part of the function and operational goals of a building. Industrial Electric maintains a high regard of the importance for producing the most quality efficient building systems using top of the line componentry and precise installation. We stay current with the newest technologies and strategies to meet and exceed any customer’s job demands. We utilize state of the art fabrication facilities, in house CAD and engineering services, and proven third party involvement to ensure consistent quality, safe equipment, and fast and reliable service.

Industrial Electric building systems include:

  • Switchboard, transformer and panel board distribution
  • Lighting and control
  • Mechanical equipment connections and automation
  • Convenience device and receptacle power
  • Lightning protection and grounding

Design & Build

While our project teams have a proven track record of providing successful project delivery, they also have a reputation for innovation and creative problem-solving. Our teams look at each project as another opportunity to provide lasting value.

During traditional design – bid-build opportunities, projects are often too far down the road to reverse course and incorporate suggested enhancements. With design/build multidisciplinary preconstruction approach, ideas, suggestions, and recommendations are vetted early and incorporated into the design documents.

Design/build gives us the ability to:

  • seek out best solutions from an installer perspective
  • integrate trade knowledge early in the projects existence
  • coordinate efforts of other disciplines
  • streamline information for efficiencies and cost savings

Lighting and Controls

Industrial Electric provides/installs new and retrofit Total Turnkey Lighting Solutions


  • Evaluation and Inspection of lighting system integrity
  • Foot-candle and uniformity measurements
  • Complete design and energy analysis
  • Compliance with local codes and green initiatives
  • Controls to enhance property management
  • Total installation of fixtures, poles and underground distribution


  • Foot Candle and Uniformity measurements
  • Complete design and energy analysis
  • Latest technology in interior lighting systems and controls
  • Total installation of lighting systems

Maintenance Contracts

Industrial Electric has maintenance contracts with several large customers. We are experienced at working in enterprise asset management software such as Maximo. Our teams are trained to pull work orders and PMs from these systems.

Our crafts persons are trained to use these documents, record as found conditions, document the repairs/changes and to submit all documents into the management system. Our crafts persons are trained in Good Document Practices to properly record their activities per our customer’s guidelines. This process allows the owner to track costs, understand exactly what was repaired/changed, and to document the current status of their assets.

Industrial Electric performs maintenance on lighting, power, automation systems, fire systems, security systems, access systems, and telecom systems. We provide after hours emergency service for our maintenance customers. Our staff can quickly assemble a crew to assist our customers in after hour emergency situations.

Power Distribution

“The Best distribution system is one that will, cost-effectively and safely, supply adequate electric service to both present and future probable loads.” In order to design the best distribution system, Industrial Electric’s knowledgeable of all various types of distribution systems that can be applicable to any given job with proven expertise in:

  • Underground medium voltage distribution loops
  • Pad mounted service entrance transformers
  • Substations and main switchboards
  • Generators and transfer switches
  • UPS and TVSS protections
BELMONT-8-Elect Constr


As an industry leader knowledge and proficiency of these areas will provide a soundly executed design that can ensure energy efficiency and safe management.


Time and resources play a key role in the success of a project. Optimizing performance by defining a structured course of action and complete materials list ensure on time, consistent, and cost effective direction. Industrial Electric utilizes Pre-Construction to be able to:

  • Evaluate end user involvement for needs and planning
  • Create accurate budgets for capital planning
  • Value engineering solutions for economic benefits
  • Provide more accurate project estimates with innovative engineering resources
  • Provide better plan detail through collaboration

When we have the ability to understand conflicts before they exist through pre-construction planning, our company can maintain an uninterrupted flow during construction, saving time and money whilst improving quality and establishing consistency.

Cable Tray-PreConstruction


Industrial Electric has the experience and resources to install and maintain substations to consistently deliver electrical transmission and distribution service with an unfailing commitment to safety. In addition, our company’s performance meets/exceeds our customers’ budget and schedule requirements.

Our capabilities include:

  • 15-35 KV
  • Underground medium voltage (MV) installation
  • Dry and liquid transformer installation
  • Indoor and outdoor classifications
  • Secondary and distribution installations
  • Battery run and DC distribution systems
  • Capacitor installations
  • Integrated protection and controls

Trouble Shooting & Repair

Troubleshooting is the identification or diagnosis of “trouble” in the management flow of a system caused by a failure of some kind. At Industrial Electric, we pride ourselves in the ability to quickly and safely identify problems in systems. Having experienced personnel with a diverse field of disciplines we are able to more efficiently and effectively analyze a problem and initiate the appropriate procedure to rectify it. Our key elements of effective troubleshooting are:

  • identify anomaly through safe procedures and methods
  • analyze impact on customer operations
  • develop proper approach to rectifying problem
  • perform repairs as efficient and non-disruptive as possible

At IEI, we understand the negative impact a disruption in the flow of work can have on a company. That is why, we strive to maintain the most extensive knowledge base in the industry to make sure we minimize any possible downtime due to a “troubled” system.