Low Voltage Systems Services

Low Voltage Design Assistance

Industrial Electric’s Low Voltage staff includes Registered Communication Distribution Designers(RCDD) who have the expertise to design, integrate and implement Information Communication Technology(ICT) and related infrastructure components across multiple disciplines and applications. These infrastructure design capabilities include voice, data, video, audio, security, control and other low voltage systems and their related infrastructure components.


Access Control, Fire Alarm, and Security

There are many ways to protect and secure a facility and employees. Industrial Electric is skilled in the installation of integrated, multi-technology approach to satisfy our customer’s needs. Many of our customers do not want to rely on a single product set to safeguard their people and assets. We have found that a multilayered, multi-technology approach offers a variety of solutions to meet a wide range of threats.


          • Access control
          • Door interlocks
          • Intrusion detection
          • Video surveillance – closed circuit television (CCTV)
          • Digital and network recording and retrieval
          • Addressable fire alarm systems
          • Emergency communication
          • Public address and intercom
          • Sound masking/ voice masking
          • UPS systems


Audio / Video

Audio video systems can provide a backbone for communications, security, and innovative ways of networking. The design, build, and installation of audio visual systems can influence the efficiency of a corporation’s lean practices and collaboration. Industrial Electric constantly looks for new, innovative, and energy efficient ways to utilize audio/video to help increase productivity in a company.

Examples of A/V system installations include:

          • Announcement and addressing systems
          • Automated voice systems
          • Sound masking systems
          • CATV systems
          • Camera Systems
          • Assembly room projector / screen systems
          • Conference room laptop connectable systems
          • Huddle room CCTV systems
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Fiber Optics

With electromagnetic interference immunity, small footprint, data capacity, and tremendous range length without repeaters fiber optics are becoming increasingly popular in building systems. Industrial Electric is an industry leader in accommodating the need and demand of this type of cabling. We specialize in a variety of fiber optic uses to include:

          • Inner duct and pathway installation
          • Single mode and multimode risers
          • Free standing and rack mounted cabinets
          • Splicing and terminations certified
          • OTDR testing and documentation
          • Long term warranties

Instrumentation and Start Up

Our Industrial Electric Instrumentation group which is comprised of project managers, engineers and technicians provide full-service procurement, installation, calibration, and start-up support for pharmaceutical and industrial projects.

Typical services include:

          • Design Support
          • Constructability Input
          • Field Verification
          • Typical Installation Activities Include
          • Wiring installations
          • Instrument mounting and terminations
          • Loop checks and commissioning
          • HMI and Panelview installation
          • Devicenet, Fieldbus, and DeltaV communication systems
IMG_2188 Instrumentation

Industrial Electric excels at difficult, fast-track installations where experience from concept to start-up is needed. We are experienced at retrofitting and upgrading facilities during limited shutdowns. Our scheduling tools allow us to measure on progress on a weekly and daily basis. It is our practice to verify our installations to allow for quicker commissioning of the facility. Upon completion, we are ready to provide complete maintenance and warranty support.

Structure Cabling

Industrial Electric is dedicated and committed to quality service and flexible integrated structure cabling systems We are experienced In the design and installation of high speed cabling infrastructures including the back bone cabling, horizontal cabling, equipment installation, system integration, and the testing of the systems. We are also experienced at installing the cabling for integrated safety and security systems. Our technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to insure high quality installations for each project. We provide test documentation to assure our customers of high speed performance. These reports assure that the installed systems will perform as designed and can be a great asset in maintaining the systems.

Horizontal Cabling System

          • Unshielded Twisted Pair for Voice, Data, Manufacturing Data, and Video. Category 5, 5e, 6 and beyond
          • Integrated Cabling Solutions for Voice over IP, WIFI, and DAS
          • Fiber Optics for Zone Cabling and Fiber to Desktop
          • Racks, Cabinets and Zone Enclosures

Backbone Cabling

          • Multi-mode and Single-mode Fiber Optics
          • Fiber Optics infrastructure for Campus Environments
          • Broadband Coaxial Cabling
          • Outside Plant Cabling Solutions

Equipment and Testing

          • Muti-mode and Single-mode Fiber Optic Fusion Splicers
          • Fiber Optic Testing
          • Power Meter and OTDR
          • Fluke DSP Testers

Safety and Security

          • Access Control systems and installation
          • Surveillance and Security systems and installation
            • CCTV
            • IP Surveillance
            • Intrusion Detection Systems


Industrial Electric is a BICSI certified telecommunication contractor. In addition to having completed an apprenticeship program our installers and technicians are BICSI certified. Our staff includes Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD) who have the skills required to design, integrate and implement Information Communication Technology (ICT) and related infrastructure components across multiple disciplines and applications.

Our crews are certified and experienced in installing multi-conductor copper cable, fiber optic cable, horizontal cabling and construction of telecom rooms. In addition to installing voice and data systems, we are skilled at manufacturing data, LAN systems, WIFI, Distributed Antennae Systems, and video. We have the tools and expertise in splicing and testing.
IMG_2185 Telecommunication

Testing Services

In any electrical installation and service, testing is required. Industrial Electric provides accurate, timely, and above all safe testing services. Testing is to ensure strength, integrity and compliance with the regulations enforced at the time the system was installed and to the current regulations where applicable.

Examples of IEI testing services:

          • Acceptance
          • Cable insulations
          • Phase rotation
          • Continuity
          • Low voltage
          • Power quality
          • NETA certified 3rd party testing available for M.V. and infrared