Anderson Wastewater Treatment Plant

Anderson, IN

Prior to the completion of the project, Anderson’s two wastewater plants treated 16 million gallons during an average day and up to 34 million in wet weather.  Upon completion of the project, the capacity increased to 54 million gallons. Replacement of aged equipment improved the plant’s performance, energy efficiency, and reliability to protect the White River from pollution.

Improvements included a new administrative building, building new screens, clarifiers, a Pre-Treatment facility, and an energy-efficient wet weather pump station.

As electrical contractor, Industrial Electric’s scope of work included installation of all building systems, general power, communications, fire alarm system, gas monitoring/detection, equipment controls, and fiber optics.

In the new Pretreatment facility, our company installed a dual fed 800A motor control center with AS-I bus metering, 6 AFD’s ranging from 30-65hp, gas monitoring system, temperature control system, PLC, automatic transfer switching to an onsite generator, odor control equipment, fire alarm system, lighting, and inverters.

Industrial Electric was responsible for the integration with the existing systems, start-up of the new automation process, and merging all the new facilities without interrupting or stopping the current processes.

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